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Mo Forouzani

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8 Years of Ruby Experience

I have over 14 years of experience in software development. 8 years of experience with Ruby on Rails.

Over the years I have worked on 50+ Ruby on Rails applications and presented at various meetups for Ruby on Rails developers.

While working at the BBC I built a system that worked with multiple internal and external APIs to create a highly successful system for displaying celebrity user data.

While working with I built a ruby based accounting system which allowed them to automate their entire Amazon Kindle Store, everything from generating kindle books, to paying writers in different countries the correct commission amount based on sales in different countries and different currencies.

I love building amazing products for companies. Have a project I can help with?

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Ruby on Rails & Beyond

Ruby code


I am the author of PHP to Ruby, which allows PHP developers to transition to ruby with the help of an extensive coding dictionary. As well as Ruby and PHP, I also have thorough knowledge of Java, Objective C, JavaScript. I have experience in building single page apps, Iphone apps, Ipad apps and Android Apps.

Full-Stack Developer

I work primarily with Ruby as a server side language, but am comfortable working on the front or the back end.
As a full-stack developer I am happy doing linux system administration, building an automated test suite with Rspec, writing advanced clientside javascript or the css for a responsive website.


I have contributed to many opensource projects including the Jeweler gem and the BBC People rails app.

Startup Spirit

I am an entreprenuer by heart, and an advocate of Agile methodolgies and Lean Startup principles. I have plenty of experience recruiting teams in the bay area, as well as motivating and leading the team to hit business critical milestones.

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Phone: (415) 712-0790


I am always happy to meet for coffee to discuss your project. I am confident that my
extensive experience will ensure you get a positive return on your investment.